About The Show

At a time when small business success is vital to our nation's economic growth, serious questions are being raised about what makes businesses successful. Profiles with Terry Bradshaw takes viewers across the country following fascinating business stories to hear first-hand candid insights from entrepreneurs of various industries. These individuals include engineers, inventors, doctors, government leaders, and insightful business owners. They share their experiences and in turn, equip viewers with timely information on ways to be prepared when confronting the challenges facing businesses in these changing times. "It's a topic too important to ignore" according to Vice President of Production, Jim Nicholas, "Being prepared for these shifting times is one of the first and biggest challenges facing businesses".

The show is being recognized for its extremely relevant subject matter and coverage of current topics of interest. A variety of subjects are explored on the show including current series' on:

  • Recruitment and staffing decisions crucial for success.
  • Enhancing return on investment and planning for the unexpected.
  • Globalization and exporting strategies and government regulations.
  • Unique manufacturing methods that reduce production costs.
  • Software and logistics solutions for economic growth.
  • American heartland success stories.
  • Greening the globe and sustainable lifestyles.

terry and ProducerThe show connects decision makers in business, finance and government to a broad network of information. The show's producers strive to provide stories that are consistently compelling, diverse and visually engaging while presenting something new for every viewer with each story. Additionally, the show's press releases, topic-specific blogs and internet fan page include a collection of engaging news stories, show highlights and video clips. Presented to more than 90 million households in the United States, Profiles with Terry Bradshaw's programming (weekdays and weekends from 6:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. ET) is produced at United States Media Television's corporate studios and headquarters in Coral Springs, FL and is filmed on location worldwide. Viewers of Profiles with Terry Bradshaw are business owners, business executives and financial professionals. The show airs regionally on CNN Headline News and Regional News Networks and nationally on Fox Business Network. According to a 2010 Fox Business Network/Wall Street Journal Subscriber/Viewer Study survey, average household income of viewers is $250,000 and a median wealth of $1.4 million. 41 percent have more than $1 million in all financial accounts.

Via the show's exclusive Coral Springs Studios, producers offer Featured Guests on the show an opportunity to enjoy and utilize the recently expanded 17,750 square-foot, custom-built production facility. If stories are not filmed on location, the shows producers are equipped to film conveniently in the Coral Springs studios. Among other scenes, the studios have been transformed into a bank lobby, a bedroom, and an anchor desk (the latter of which Terry Bradshaw spent the afternoon signing footballs). The corporate offices and studios are conveniently located just 15 minutes from Fort Lauderdale Airport. Profiles with Terry Bradshaw producers have previously produced groundbreaking and award-winning programming, winning 9 Telly Awards in 2009. Producers work with business magazines including Global Traveler and Strategic Distribution Partners including the Association of Information Technology Professionals and The National Association of Environmental Professionals.